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  2. 2019-11-12

In light of the current political and social crisis in Chile, we have written a brief statement in which we try to describe what is going on in Chile and we offer our advice to anyone who is considering to travel to Chile.
'What started as a student protest in Santiago on Friday the 18th of October, after a sudden rise of metro fares, has turned into a tsunami of unrest in which millions of Chileans have joined peaceful marches calling for an overhaul of the country’s economic and social model. Now well into it’s fourth week, there are still regular demonstrations, strikes and roadblocks in Santiago and most other big cities around the country.' READ FULL STATEMENT

Additionally we recommend reading a statement from activist, writer and one of Chilean's most famous artists Cecilia Vicuña.

Valley of the Possible welcomes three additional members to the board

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We are happy to announce that Beatriz Salinas Marambio, curator and previous director of the National Centre of Contemporary Art in Santiago (Cerrillos), has been appointed as new Chair of the board. Current Chair Maria Tuerlings will continue as Secretary of the board.
We also welcome Chris Julien, research director of Waag Society, guest lecturer Critical Studies at Sandberg Institute and spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion NL. With an extensive background in science and community engagement, and currently working as project officer at EUSEA (European Science Engagement Association) in Germany, we are excited to share that Andrea Troncoso Quilaqueo is the latest addition to our board.
We are confident that with all this added wisdom, talent and experience, Valley of the Possible will continue to grow as mycelia and adapt and respond to current and future developments in the worlds of arts, science, ecology and Indigenous cultures.

podcast with founder Olaf Boswijk

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  2. 2019-10-07

Founder Olaf Boswijk was invited by ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) Green for a talk as part of a podcast called ‘Terug naar de Natuur’ (Back to Nature), in conjunction with Sublime FM and Club Groeneveld.

The conversation touches upon topics as how landscapes shape identity and culture, how not to go back to nature but forward towards it and how intuition almost always shows you the right way. “We live in a time where we need to look the beast in the eye. And, however daunting or difficult that is, we need to create new ways of living. We need to create different stories of what it is to be human.”
Listen to it on Spotify or via or the iTunes Podcast App

Welcoming our first participants to 'Possibility of a Valley'

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  2. 2019-03-22

We are thrilled to welcome our first group of participants to the Cañon del Blanco valley in southern Chile! This pilot program is designed to explore what are the cultural, historical and ecological layers of our remote valley, and allows artists time and space to reflect on their individual projects and research. In addition, workshops, guest lectures and excursions are designed to investigate role and the potential future of the residency. We are so grateful for everyone’s support in making this refugio for art & research a reality, and can’t wait to share what new ideas, insights and challenges result from this first program.

Valley of the Possible receives funding from the WWF INNO Fund!

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For the research and development of the project 'Bridging worldviews for the conservation of Araucarias' - an inclusive conservation model for the ancient and sacred Araucaria Araucana tree, we have received support from the WWF Netherlands INNO Fund that stimulates global innovative conservation projects.
The aim of this project is to bridge diverse worldviews and develop an inclusive conservation action plan for the ancient and sacred Araucaria (Pehuen) trees in La Araucanía in Southern Chile. Valley of the Possible will initiate and host intercultural dialogues, where diverse stakeholders collaborate and unite to develop an on the ground action plan for the araucarias, providing a platform where heterogeneous (indigenous, ancestral, modern and universal) knowledges come together.


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  2. 2019-07-30

Revista Endemico, a Chilean virtual platform and annual publication that focuses on the connection between culture and nature, did a large feature about Valley of the Possible for which they interviewed three of our participants just after our pilot program in May 2019. Revista Endemico spoke to bio-art designer Xandra van der Eijk, multimedia artist Mark IJzerman and writer Nathaniel Popkin about their work and individual research projects. The interviews are all published and can be found here:

The Exploration of a Multiform Space

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  2. 2019-06-27

The Catholic University of Temuco (CL), Cookies (NL) and Valley of the Possible (CL/NL) are starting a joint preliminary study into the design of a shared space for artistic development: an inclusive space that does justice to the qualities, history and (indigenous) traditions of this region, where international artists, scientists and creatives can work side by side with the local community and students of the university.

The final phase of this study consists of the organisation of public programmes in both Chile and The Netherlands to present the results. The ultimate goal of the project is the realisation of this space, which will be partially built by the students of the FAAD, community members and participants in Valley of the Possible.

The Exploration of a Multiform Space project is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL

Pilot program comes to an end

  1. residency
  2. 2019-05-27

We are thrilled to have been able to welcome our first group to the Cañon del Blanco valley in Chile! Our pilot program 'Possibility of a Valley' was designed to explore the various historical, cultural, social and ecological layers of the valley and surrounding region and allowed the participants space to reflect on their individual projects and develop research. In addition, workshops, guest lectures and excursions were designed to investigate the potential future of the residency. We are so grateful for everyone’s support in making this residency a reality, and can’t wait to share future outcomes from this beautiful and intense month.

Please visit our Instagram for the most recent updates.

Valley of the Possible visits Catholic University of Temuco

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  2. 2019-03-21

Valley of the Possible will be visiting Universidad Católica in Temuco on Wednesday May 20th. Four of our participants (Sébastien Robert, Mark IJzerman, Nathaniel Popkin and Juan Ferrer) will be presenting their work and individual research projects for students of the Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design. Valley of the Possible founders Mirla Klijn and Olaf Boswijk will do a short introduction aswell. Everyone is welcome to join.

Event info:
Wednesday May 15th at 15.00
Auditorio Cincuentenario
Campus San Juan Pablo II
Admission is free and open to the public