Member of the Board

Chris works in the fields public research, technology and culture, holding a masters in Conflict Studies & Human Rights and having studied Cultural Analysis. His background in philosophy of science and in strategic design come together in a focus on interdisciplinary knowledge production and political ecology.

He currently works as a research director for Waag Amsterdam, an organisation that operates at the intersection of science, technology and the arts, with grassroots and institutional partners across Europe. As a member of the management team, Chris is responsible for the research agenda and strategy of the organisation. This agenda is shaped by Public Research; 'research with and for society', which puts citizens at the heart of research, design and implementation of social innovation. He initiated planet B and its AICulture lab, a place that offers scientists, artists and citizens a ‘greenfields’ to develop symbolic and material responses to the social and ecological challenges facing us.

Prior to his appointment at Waag, Chris worked as business leader of Stichting Studio 80, was co-founder of Novel Creative Consultancy, and researched new forms of work with FreedomLab. Currently, he is researching cultural dimensions of Artificial Intelligence and ecological governance models based on deep adaptation, next to being committee member of the Creative Industry Stimulation Fund, board member of Fiber Festival, guest lecturer Critical Studies at Sandberg Institute, radio producer at Red Light Radio and spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion NL.

Since September 2019 Chris Julien is member of the board of Valley of the Possible.