We are an independent cultural non-profit that offers artists, scientists and other thinkers and makers a place to connect with nature, time for research and space for artistic development.

In a world with finite resources we need to transform our economy to a model that serves to support the prosperity of all living and non living beings. For this reason it is essential to invest in enterprises that explicitly seek to build community, protect nature and preserve the cultural commonwealth.

Valley of the Possible runs thanks to an international team of volunteers, which is supported by kind donations, generous patrons and other like-minded souls. Do you share and support our vision and want to help develop new perspectives on our relationship with the natural world? Do you see the importance of repairing the threads that connect us to nature and community? If you find joy and value in what we do, consider making a donation today. Your Support Matters!

What payment methods can I use? Is my donation tax deductable? |

All our payments are processed through Mollie, which accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers and IDEAL.

Valley of the Possible is registered as a cultural non-profit foundation ('stichting') in the Netherlands under Chamber of Commerce number 73152013 and RSIN number 859376023. We are registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI status in Dutch, similar to 501c3 in the United States). Within this legislation, any gift or donation to our organisation is partly tax-deductible. Dutch patrons can calculate their tax benefits with this calculation tool.

What will you do with my donation? |

Valley of the Possible attempts to work in a circular, regenerative and inclusive model, placing people and planet above profit. Your contribution will reach goals beyond merely the financial, the so-called 5 returns:

  • Nature: extending the national park by protection of ancient native forest, stimulating biodiversity, regenerating soil and capturing carbon.

  • Society: engaging and empowering the community, reviving local and Indigenous (food) culture, creating intercultural dialogues and exchanges.

  • Inspiration: facilitating artistic and scientific research in response to the fundamental questions of our time, supporting new ways of living and interbeing, building and sharing knowledge globally.

  • Purpose: being part of a project that creates meaningful change, has the potential to surpass your and our life span and supports life for future generations.

  • Financial: potential benefits in regard to tax deduction.