Refugio for Art & Research in the Chilean Andes. We invite artists, scientists and other creative thinkers and makers to envision alternative perspectives on the relationship with our planet. We explore the potential, the (un)thinkable and the imaginable.

  • FIBER presents: Cartographies of the Vanishing Now (NL)


    Valley of the Possible is partnering in a new research and development project (NL) organised by FIBER festival, that explores the potential of sensory art and alternative cartographic methods to remap reality in the age of environmental collapse. Read more

  • Exploration of a Multiform Space


    Universidad Católica de Temuco (CL), Cookies (NL) and Valley of the Possible (CL/NL), are starting a collaborative research and investigation into to the design of a multiform artistic and communal creative centre. Read more

  • 2020 Research Program | Ecology & Food

    open call Coming Soon

    We are developing our next open call for April-May 2020, autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. We will be working with the themes of ecology and food. Stay tuned for more information. Read more