Exploration of a Multiform Space

The Catholic University of Temuco (CL), Cookies (NL) and Valley of the Possible (CL/NL) are starting a joint preliminary study into the design of a shared space for artistic development: an inclusive space that does justice to the qualities, history and (indigenous) traditions of this region, where international artists, scientists and creatives can work side by side with the local community and students of the university.
Some of the questions we will be exploring in the first research phase are:

How can design challenge our current relationship with the natural world? How can it stimulate and revalue the connection to the land and its community? In what way do the ecology and social-cultural characteristics of this location determine the design? How can we engage the local community into re-investing their knowledge in a contemporary way? Can the use of locally sustainably sourced materials and the concept of temporality (fundamental to the Mapuche cosmology) help redefine fundamentals for a contemporary architecture project in rural southern Chile? And how can Dutch innovative design contribute to the revival of the cultural and natural heritage of this land?

The final phase of this study consists of the organisation of public programmes in both Chile and The Netherlands to present the results. The ultimate goal of the project is the realisation of this space, which will be partially built by the students of the FAAD, community members and participants in Valley of the Possible.
The Exploration of a Multiform Space project is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL

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