Exploration of a Multiform Space

In 2019, Action Research Centre Araucanía (ARCA/FAAD), part of the Faculty for Architecture, Art and Design of the Catholic University of Temuco in Chile, design and architecture studio Cookies (NL) and Valley of the Possible started a preliminary collaborative research into a possible design of a multiform space.
This first phase, titled 'The Exploration of a Multiform Space', was awarded with a starting grant from the Dutch Creative Industries Fund and consisted of a 10-day trip during which the teams of Cookies and Valley of the Possible visited various prominent artist residencies, cultural centres, nature conservation projects and examples of experimental architecture throughout Chile.
The final stage was a collaborative and experimental workshop with the students and professors of ARCA/FAAD at the proposed site: the Cañon del Blanco valley in La Araucanía, where Valley of the Possible art residency is based. With this research project we explored how Dutch innovative design can contribute to the architecture of a multiform vernacular space that supports experimental outdoor education and creative practice in a rural context. The outcomes of this research trip, combined with previously collected knowledge by the students during their own separate trips to the valley, have culminated into a project plan. As we are currently unable to organise public programs to present the outcomes of this project, we will soon announce a date in December 2020 for an online presentation.

The ultimate goal of the project is the realisation of this space, which will be partially built by the students of the FAAD, community members and participants of Valley of the Possible. The Exploration of a Multiform Space project is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL

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