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  2. JUNE 2019

Valley of the Possible was invited to participate in a one-week residency at Fanfare Amsterdam

ABOUT FANFARE & The Residency |

Fanfare is a platform for graphic design, visual arts and creative pursuits.
The residency was launched to support curiosity and urge for room for sharing thoughts, beliefs, and concerns, and for one whole month in June, a set of weekly changing like-minded people where invited to come and stay.
In doing so Fanfare wants to consider current and future motivations and formats of collaborative bonds. With the intention to explore, and question existing and potential conditions for working together, Fanfare invited the public to join in on weekly Friday morning coffee sessions during the month.
The initiative intends to support independent and interdisciplinary projects in the realm of visual communication as a socially engaging and activating genre.

After just having finished organizing our own first residency program, it was a good experience to share our insights and experiences with Freja and Lotte from Fanfare in Amsterdam, who are about to start their own residency. During a dinner and a public breakfast session, we spoke about cultural differences, the links between scientific and creative practice and variations in working residency formats and future motivations. Thank you Freja and Lotte for opening your beautiful workspace and artist studio to us!