Cartographies of the Vanishing Now (FIBER)

Cartographies of the Vanishing Now (COTVN) is a new research and development project initiated by FIBER festival, exploring the potential of sensory art and alternative cartographic methods to remap reality in the age of environmental collapse. It sets out to capture the impact of the growing ecological instability on the way we organise and model our modern world, traces the forces behind environmental change and simultaneous shifts perspectives to move to brighter futures.


Exploration of a Multiform Space

The Catholic University of Temuco (CL), Cookies (NL) and Valley of the Possible (CL/NL) are starting a joint preliminary study into the design of a shared space for artistic development: an inclusive space that does justice to the qualities, history and (indigenous) traditions of this region, where international artists, scientists and creatives can work side by side with the local community and students of the university.


Fanfare Residency

Valley of the Possible was invited to participate in a one-week residency at Fanfare Amsterdam, a platform for graphic design, visual arts and creative pursuits. The residency was launched to support curiosity and urge for room for sharing thoughts, beliefs, and concerns, and for one whole month in June, a set of weekly changing like-minded people were invited to come and stay.

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Pilot Research Program

For 30 days between April and May 2019 we set out on expeditions (as a group and as individuals) to discover and articulate the ecological, social and cultural complexities of the valley, its history, its ecosystems and its community. The goal of these research expeditions was to connect new and old territories of knowledge with methods from field science and the arts, which then contribute to a holistic insight into the valley. This deeper understanding will help to shape the future of the residency and the creation of an on-site refugio for art and research.