Visting artist Sebastian Six received his Master of Fine Art after studying experimental Visual Design at The University of Art and Design in Linz. Acoustic experiments in connection with items of everyday life, sculptural assemblages and the physical element of sound, are the main aspects of Sebastian’s musical and visual compositions. His works deal with moments where noise becomes music and the difference between hearing and active listening is explored.

Since 2004 Sebastian has been collaborating with Clemens Mairhofer and Lucas Norer as the art collective FAXEN. Furthermore Six has worked on curatorial projects in the fields of fine art, electronic music, co-founded the artist-run space bb15 in Linz and is founder of the record label

Together with Laurien Bachmann they visited our pilot program for one week, where they presented their project 'Continental Drift' which deals with the geodynamic movement of the South American continental plate. 'The supposedly rigid earth and the fixed notions of borders based on it, as well as the cultural and historical effects on local population and nature will serve as a theoretical starting point for our research. The project will be developed through the combination of sound recordings on site (in the water and on land), through local archives, photography and film as well as interviews and testimonies from experts and eyewitnesses. In the long run, the plates, which are deep underground and in permanent motion, lead our man-made borders ad absurdum and literally pull the ground out from under our feet.’