Nathaniel Popkin(USA)
Participant 2019

Nathaniel Popkin (1970) is a recognized writer and editor of fiction, non-fiction, film, criticism, and journalism from the US, who participated in our pilot program. Nathaniel is author of several non-fiction books and novels and the co-editor of a recenty published anthology in response to the American political crisis called Who Will Speak for America? That book, and the movement that spawned it -Writers Resist- is evidence of a renewed engagement among writers in political discourse. Popkin is the recipient of several Emmy Awards for documentary film writing and the writer of the 2018 film documentary “Sisters in Freedom”, the extraordinary story of the trailblazing women who crossed racial lines in the fight to end slavery. His literary criticism and essays have appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Public Books, amongst others.
In 2018 he turned his attention to the ecological crisis, resulting in a philosophically based essay “A Gun to Our Heads”, and a short essay on loss, grief, and global warming for The New York Times, in which he introduced the term 'the age of loss'.

As an artist Nathaniel feels a strong responsibility to confront the ecological crisis but has been struggling with how, both practically and morally. Nathaniel: 'In a third and much longer essay (presently unpublished), 'To Reach the Spring', I am trying to reframe our thinking about the crisis around the experience of nature, the history of genocide, and the imperative of restorative justice. Seeking ways to reconcile our role in the crisis the essay grapples with and rejects the current theories of the Anthropocene in favor of a much more dynamic creature-centric approach to caring for the Earth.‘

His forthcoming novel 'The Year of the Return' will be published by Open Books in September 2019. You can pre-order it from the publisher today.