Mirla is co-founder of Valley of the Possible, Refugio for Art & Research in the Chilean Andes offering time and space for artistic and scientific research whilst exploring new narratives on the relation between man and the rest of the natural world.

Mirla previously worked as a documentary and filmmaker for amongst others Dutch national broadcaster VPRO and international media company VICE. In her work, she mostly portrayed artists or explores artistry itself.
For the series Trouw Invites..., Mirla Klijn was invited to make a series of documentaries about the three participating artists and their projects in the basement space of Trouw in collaboration with Stedelijk Museum and three international art institutes; Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Beirut (Caïro) and New Museum (New York). The three institutions each invited a visual artist that represented the themes of transience and temporality in their work. The artists created entirely new works that specially designed for the exhibition.
A few other companies Mirla has worked for on assignment are; VICE, VPRO, Stichting de NDSM, Het Concertgebouw, Red Bull, ING and Vodafone.

Mirla also worked as a freelance text editor and an editor in chief of an online platform for young Dutch literary talent, worked as an intern at Buro Friedrich (a non-profit gallery for contemporary art in Berlin Germany), attended a 2-year private art school course and is a certified hatha yoga teacher.

Everything is temporary by Mirla Klijn from Trouw Amsterdam on Vimeo.