Juan Cristóbal Ferrer Saavedra (1991) is a Santiago-based designer, curator and producer. Since 2016 he is directing the Museo del Hongo (Fungi Museum); an itinerant and site specific museum which promotes the world of mushrooms (and eliminates mycophobia) through experiences on the intersection of art, science, design, architecture and technology.

Among Juan’s interests are visual arts, aesthetics, museography, curatorship, communication, natural sciences, landscaping, new media, technologies, but also music, cinematography, audiovisual production, fashion and LGBT+ culture. In applying his many interests and references, making new and unexpected relations, he tries to enhance the fantasy and magic that storytelling provides.

His latest work has been tightly related to develop new museographic devices in order to make
 science more accessible, aiming to generate new experiences and interactions. ‘Taking mycology -a barely discovered science-
as a museum object, you discover a journey across the beautiful metaphors found in the fungal biology as well as our human lives.’

In 2018, during an exhibition in MAC Valdivia, he created an interactive experience by cultivating two species of edible mushrooms inside the vaults of the museum, which were then illuminated by the work of renowned Chilean visual artist Ivan Navarro. This series of sculptures called Vigilantes, made with fluorescent light tubes, represented three guardian figures of the Fungi Kingdom, protecting and watching over ‘the Fungi Kingdom’.

'The aim of my work is to generate consciousness about our role in the natural cycle -which we’ve been interrupting since I can remember- so that more people can engage with the urgent and corresponding paradigm shift. I believe this is something which museums and curators have to be engaged in, because their duty is to expand the body of knowledge and be a platform for narratives. And most importantly, to create new and profound questions to be answered, about ourselves and humanity.‘