Sébastian Calfuqueo(Mapuche)
Participant 2021

Sébastian is a visual and performance artist, part of the Mapuche feminist collective Rangiñtulewfü. Their work proposes a critical reflection on the Mapuche's social, cultural and political status within contemporary Chilean society and Latin America. They use installations, ceramics, performance and video art in order to explore the cultural similarities and differences as well as the stereotypes produced from the cross between indigenous and western ways of thinking. Their work also has the purpose of making visible the problems feminism and sexual dissidence movements present.

Their work has been exhibited in Chile, Perú, Brasil, México, United States, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweeden, Switzerland, Australia.

Recent exhibitions include solo presentations at São Paulo Biennal, Galería 80m2 Livia Benavides, Galería D21, Galería Metropolitana, Parque Cultural de Valparaíso y el MAC -Museo de Arte Contemporáneo- de la Universidad de Chile, Quinta Normal, en Santiago de Chile.

They were awarded with the Municipalidad de Santiago award on 2017 and Premio Fundación FAVA on 2018.