Marit Mihklepp(EST)
Participant 2021


© ENE / Jean-Sébastien Veilleux photographer

Marit Mihklepp is an Estonian artist and researcher, focused on the im/possibilities of communication between humans and other-than-humans. In her work she imagines and practices togetherness, shared rituals and hidden histories with the other. Working with extended kinships – both with the relatively familiar (rocks, trees) and the unexplained (microbial dark matter) – Marit aims to get an intimate experience within the complex cross-species/nested-times entanglements. She is interested in how to challenge anthropocentric knowledge cultures, train ourselves in listening to the companion species and grow rhizomes between disciplines and organisms. Highlighting the less noticed – too far, too small, too slow –, Marit’s work includes instructed experiences, performative lectures, microbial perfume collections, video pieces, listening exercises, matchbox publications. Driven by processes of field work, attunement of the senses and discovering wisdom inherent in different bodies, she addresses ecological grief from the perspective of practicing togetherness between more and less alive, more and less visible bodies. Her current work is focussed on the geologic imagination and encounters with stones.

Marit has studied in Estonian Academy of Arts (Textile Design BA) and in the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (ArtScience MA). She is currently based in The Hague, The Netherlands.