Claudia Vásquez(CL)
Participant 2021

Claudia is a visual artist working in fields of performances and interventions in public spaces, in urban as well as in landscapes. The materialization of her work occurs through writings that become part of her installations and performances, as poetic acts.

The operations that Claudia carries out as a young Chilean creator are contextualized inside visual installations, urban and landscape interventions and performance practices, which have been worked in close relation with the specificity of the place. This quality has been understood under Hal Foster`s proposal “all specificity is a political one”.

Vasquez’s interest in using public space as an essential issue in her artistic practice lies in viewing places in which daily life happens, a daily life that has often been squashed by the rhythm and necessities of the contemporary world.

Additionally, another constant is her use of writing, both quoted and of her own creation, that takes shape into materials and actions of ephemeral character, despite temporal and physical demands that staging requires, in order to stress the qualities of the impermanence, mutability and release, in which photography, paradoxically, is the only possible way to report that “something” has happened there.

Claudia lives and works in Santiago de Chile.