Chloe & Vicente(FR/CL)
Film Crew 2019

Chloe Billebault and Vicente Rosati are also known as Unmapped Films; a nomadic film production company. Chloe is a photographer/videographer from France and has been living in Chile for over 4 years with her partner Vicente, a musician and sound engineer from Santiago.

In the last year they traveled together extensively all throughout Chile filming the landscape for a big project called Ruta Ford. They fell in love with La Araucanía and more specifically the region around Conguillío National Park.

They reached out to us two months before our first residency program to say that they were interested in volunteering and documenting it. Sharing not only their footage with us as well as with the participants, but also their knowledge, time, energy and jokes; they have proven to be indispensable and unforgettable.

Reel Unmapped Films from Unmapped Films on Vimeo.