Cristian Parra Oyarce is our local partner, host and owner of the Cañon del Blanco- an ecotourism destination that consists of natural hotsprings, a campsite, restaurant and a small working farm.
Cristian is currently developing a cosmetic project with indigenous women, that involves the incorporation of mineral-medicinal waters, thermal peloides and endemic plants generally used for traditional medicines. This project, which is still in its research and evaluation stage, is being supported by the Applied Physics Department of the University of Vigo in Galicia, Spain and the University of La Frontera, Chile.

Cristian was previously director of 'Bosque Modelo Araucarias del Alto Malleco': a model that focuses on forest health and productivity, but more fundamentally deals with people and the way they use and interact with the forest and its associated resources: the soil, water, flora and fauna. Within a defined geographic area, a model forest is based on partnerships between local communities and stakeholders from both the public and private sector. Working together through participatory decision-making, a model forest supports the creation of a shared vision for sustainable forest management and development.

Cristian's family arrived as settlers in Cañon del Blanco valley in the late 19th century. He is a spokesperson of the community of Manchuria, a walking encyclopedia of the valley and its flora and fauna, a great storyteller and a charismatic host.