FIBER presents: Cartographies of the Vanishing Now (NL)

Cartographies of the Vanishing Now (COTVN) is an open call organised by FIBER for a new research and development project exploring the potential of sensory art and alternative cartographic methods to remap reality in the age of environmental collapse. It sets out to capture the impact of the growing ecological instability on the way we organise and model our modern world, traces the forces behind environmental change and simultaneous shifts perspectives to move to brighter futures.
The first instance of Cartographies of the Vanishing Now is the five day laboratorium happening in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in the week of September 9 to 13, 2019. A selection of makers and thinkers will set out to research and define a wide variety of subjects, experiment with environmental data, create concepts and prototypes for new works and collaboratively shape the future pathway of the project under the guidance of lab mentors and visiting guests. The lab will consist of lectures, masterclasses, micro-workshops and a field trip. COTVN is an initiative by FIBER, Xandra van der Eijk and Mark IJzerman and partners.

Application Guidelines |

Fiber festival invites media artists, designers, performers and musicians to collaborate with scientists, botanical experts, anthropologists, activists, bots and spirits to join the COTVN community and a series of activities which will research the topic of instability and imagine symbiotic relationships between man, technology and ecology. This will be done by developing immersive experiences and hybrid instruments through critical research and audiovisual exploration.
An international open call for participation was launched July 3, 2019. The call is closed now.

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